{"hotelplace":{"lat":"0.5081197","lng":"101.45099060000007"},"placepoint":[{"placename":"Pesonna Hotel Pekanbaru","placedesc":"JL. Jendral Sudirman No. 455 Phone: 0761 - 7870800","markerplacedesc":"JL. Jendral Sudirman No. 455 Phone: 0761 - 7870800","placeimg":"https:\/\/pesonna.gumlet.io\/assets\/images\/unit\/PHPB\/PHP_picture.jpg","lat":"0.5081197","lng":"101.45099060000007","icon":"https:\/\/pesonna.gumlet.io\/assets\/images\/maps\/PHP_marker.png","pid":"pidPHPB","linkdetail":" Hotel details<\/a> "},{"placename":"An-Nur Great Mosque","placedesc":"

Architecturally, An-Nur is similar to the Taj Mahal. The mosque was designed by IR. Roseno. The building consists of three floors. The top level is used for prayer and the lower level for offices and meeting rooms. The upper part consists of large rooms and a Hall. Downstairs is the Secretariat of the Board and classroom space. The building is equipped with escalators connecting floors one and two. Education services include a playgroup, kindergarten, elementary school, junior and senior high schools. Libraries and other facilities, such as meeting rooms and halls, and other class office space are available.<\/p>","markerplacedesc":"","placeimg":"https:\/\/pesonna.gumlet.io\/assets\/images\/maps\/An-Nur Great Mosque.jpg","lat":"0.5266630999999999","lng":"101.45085449999999","icon":"https:\/\/pesonna.gumlet.io\/assets\/images\/maps\/mosquee.png","pid":"pid17","linkdetail":""},{"placename":"Anjungan Seni Idrus Tintin","placedesc":"

Anjungan Seni Idrus Tintin is a building with Riau-Malay architecture that usually used for art exhibition in Pekanbaru. The name of this building taken from Riau Humanist Idrus Tintin which is known as an innovator of Malay theater arts especially in Riau. Anjungan Seni Idrus Tintin was used as the venue for Festival Film Indonesia (FFI) on 2007. Idris Tintin Art Anjung Building has been used by artists as a showcase for music, theater, and dance art. Idrus Tintin Art Anjung Building has an international standard building that is able to accommodate an audience of art performances with a capacity of 600 seats. The building is also supported with sound and lighting systems.<\/p>","markerplacedesc":"","placeimg":"https:\/\/pesonna.gumlet.io\/assets\/images\/maps\/Anjungan Seni Idrus Tintin.jpg","lat":"0.4779809","lng":"101.4558773","icon":"https:\/\/pesonna.gumlet.io\/assets\/images\/maps\/theater.png","pid":"pid19","linkdetail":""},{"placename":"Balai Adat Melayu Riau","placedesc":"

Balai Adat Melayu Riau is located in Jl. Diponegoro No. 39, next to Tribuana building. This hall, with Malay architectural design, is one of buildings in Riua that facilitating and preserves the culture of malay in Riau. This building was develop and first opened in June 6, 1970.  At this building, the visitors can access the information about Malay culture. This building has 2 stairs, with secretariat room, main office and library.  In the library, there are numbers of Malay  literature collection from local to international writing, as well as the classic textsthat written in Arabic Malay. The library is also increasing the facilities by providing information, has with digital library website facility, so it will enable the users to access the data that stored in this library.<\/p>","markerplacedesc":"","placeimg":"https:\/\/pesonna.gumlet.io\/assets\/images\/maps\/Balai Adat Melayu Riau.jpg","lat":"0.5149992999999999","lng":"101.45291750000001","icon":"https:\/\/pesonna.gumlet.io\/assets\/images\/maps\/cabin-2.png","pid":"pid20","linkdetail":""},{"placename":"Pasar Bawah Pekanbaru","placedesc":"

Visiting Pekanbaru is also about visiting and shopping at Pasar Bawah. Those who visit to Pekanbaru is always have schedule to go to Pasar Bawah, the oldest market at Pekanbaru city, that located between the edge of Siak river and the harbor. The market that settled in the norhern side of Pekanbaru is the place to sell antique goods, home decoration and more, which has local or international quality.<\/p>","markerplacedesc":"","placeimg":"https:\/\/pesonna.gumlet.io\/assets\/images\/maps\/Pasar Bawah.jpg","lat":"0.5380313","lng":"101.44362939999996","icon":"https:\/\/pesonna.gumlet.io\/assets\/images\/maps\/market.png","pid":"pid18","linkdetail":""},{"placename":"Rumah Singgah Tuan Kadi","placedesc":"

Rumah Singgah Tuan Kadi is a house built by H. Nurdin Putih in 1895 and later occupied by H. Zakaria bin H. Abdul Muttalib or better known as Mr. Qadhi Zakaria. Mr. Qadhi Zakaria is a leader of Sharia Law in Siak kingdom located in Siak Sri Indrapura, Tuan Qadhi Zakaria has a house located on the banks of Siak River in Senapelan area. When Sultan Sharif Kasyim II visited Pekanbaru, Mr. Qadhi's house was made a resting place by the Sultan and his guards. This house is also used as a gathering place and a meeting place by the Sultan and the scholars who are in Senapelan. Tuan Qadhi's house was first renovated in 1928, the material used as a replacement for the old part of the house in came from Singapore, the renovation of the house was done after the arrival of Sultan Syarif Kasyim II to Pekanbaru. <\/p>","markerplacedesc":"","placeimg":"https:\/\/pesonna.gumlet.io\/assets\/images\/maps\/Rumah Singgah Tuan Kadi.jpg","lat":"0.5404325999999999","lng":"101.43979139999999","icon":"https:\/\/pesonna.gumlet.io\/assets\/images\/maps\/house.png","pid":"pid21","linkdetail":""}]}